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5 tips for choosing a professional carpet cleaner

5 tips for choosing a professional carpet cleaner

Cheap is rarely best – However attractive saving a few quid might seem, the least expensive option might actually do more harm than good.

Companies that offer heavily discounted rates may use substandard cleaning products that could permanently damage your carpets. Price is important but it should not be number one on your list of questions to ask.

Know the Process – Cleaning services are all different so ask questions. How does each company that go about their business? Some companies might use stronger detergents, while others might use more environmentally friendly options. How long will the drying time be? Knowing the exact process each company employs will help you to decide who to hire.

Do your research – Talk to friends and family. Check review sites and ask for recommendations on social media. The best services are found through word of mouth, so do the research and leverage your network for trustworthy recommendations.

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Ask About Additional Services – You don’t want hidden surprises so make sure you know whether there will be extra services? And how much the company will charge for them? Will they move furniture if they need to? How will they manage difficult-to reach areas? Are they insured and registered with Are environmentally friendly products more expensive?

Keep it Local if Possible – A local carpet cleaning company will have a vested interest in keeping you happy. Local companies provide services for other local residents too, so it is in their best interest to offer a high-quality service at affordable costs to ensure customer retention.


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