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Big bang theory – Thinking of cutting a fringe? Read on…

Big bang theory – Thinking of cutting a fringe? Read on…

Bangs are hairdresser-speak for a fringe, and they are all the rage right now as celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Emma Stone and Reese Witherspoon have all been photographed sporting them.

Bangs can be a fun and easy way to freshen-up your hairstyle, but you need to know which bangs will suit your face shape best.

Round – Go for thick side-swept bangs cut at a strong angle to break the shape of your face. Avoid straight-cut bangs as they will emphasise the roundness.

Square – Long heavy bangs that fall just below the eyebrows and are tapered down towards the outer corner of the eyes will soften the face. You can push the bangs to one side to further break-up the shape. Avoid short straight bangs as they will make your face look squarer.

Long – Long choppy bangs with longer soft layers around the face with shorten and soften your features. Baby bangs on the other hand will make your face look longer.

Heart-shape – Side-swept bangs which run from the brows to the cheekbones will emphasise your eyes and pretty, delicate chin. A full, blunt wide fringe will emphasise your wider forehead.

Oval – You are lucky. Your balanced features mean you can choose any style you like. Choose to emphasise the features you like best. Baby bangs will emphasise beautiful brows; eyebrow-grazing bangs will draw attention to your eyes, and if you love your cheekbones go for a Bardot style with soft layers that end at the top of the checks.

Have fun.


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