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Breaking up is hard to do – How to move on when a relationship ends

Breaking up is hard to do – How to move on when a relationship ends

It’s painful when a relationship ends, whether the ending is mutual or one-sided. How do you deal with the emotional rollercoaster that inevitably follows a break-up?

Ignore them – Ignore all attempts to Tweet, email, text or otherwise attract your attention. Likewise resist the urge to Tweet, text or email them. Often, we fall back into a bad relationship because it’s convenient, and we’re too set in a pattern to try something different. Break the cycle.

Disappear’ them – Hide away the stuffed toys, gifts and photos that remind you of them. In the early stages of a break-up it’s too easy to cling on to the nice memories and persuade yourself that you need them back in your life.

Don’t stalk them! – Don’t drive past their house or haunt places special to both of you.  Even if you can’t bring yourself to ‘unfriend’ them on Facebook, at least hide them from your news feed so you won’t be tempted to check on them every time you log-on.

Get out – It might be tempting to lie in bed, eating Dairy Milk and listening to Heartbreak FM, but what you really need is company. Ring your most sociable friends and arrange a fun night out.

Make a list – Write down all the reasons you split. Then read them back to yourself whenever you start romanticising the past. Remember, they’re your ex for a reason…probably several!


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