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Dash cams. Why you might want one

Dash cams. Why you might want one

The dashboard camera, or dash cam, has become increasingly popular recently. So, should you think about buying one?

A dash cam is a special camera that is mounted on a car dashboard for the purpose of recording sounds and images while you’re driving.

But why might you want one?

First-hand evidence in case of a car accident – This is the main reason why people invest in one. If you are involved in a collision you can prove that it was not your fault by submitting the camera footage as evidence. It’s a compelling reason for buying one.

Car accident and warning sign

Reporting a dangerous driver – Sometimes you see a driver do something so reckless and irresponsible right in front of you that you fear for the safety of other road-users. Reporting that person becomes much easier with evidence. In the US there are special channels for reporting dangerous drivers, with the aim of making roads safer for everyone. It is probable that the UK will follow suit.  

Extra insurance for parents – We worry when our teens first start to borrow the car that they may not stick to the rules of the road. Knowing that there is a dash cam monitoring their driving behaviour is an extra incentive for them to pay attention, or they might not be trusted to take the car out again!

“Some drivers purposely cause minor car accidents in order to put the blame on the other party, so they can extort money from the victim.”

Prevention of insurance claim scams – Insurance fraud is a growing problem with vehicles. Some drivers purposely cause minor car accidents in order to put the blame on the other party, so they can extort money from the victim. The victim has no way of proving their innocence, so these people also fake injuries in order to collect the insurance money from their insurance companies. A dash cam will at least allow you to prove that you were not at fault in such a case.

It keeps an eye on your car while you are not in it! – Have you ever returned to your car in a car park to find it’s been scratched? Or are you sure the neighbour’s children are scraping their bikes along the side of your vehicle when they squeeze past on the drive? A well-installed dash camera can efficiently record such events because most can be set to record even when the car engine isn’t running. Some can even send all the data to your laptop or smart phone remotely, giving you peace of mind.

Dash cam in a car

Because the best camera is the one you have with you – It’s not all about the car! Check out online videos of dash cams capturing unexpected phenomena. A family of ducks stopping traffic in Birmingham, a plane crashing right in front of a guy driving down a highway, and one Russian car driver’s dash camera recorded an enormous meteor that flew over Russia. The clip ended up being viewed millions of times on YouTube!

Dash cams are set to become as necessary an addition to our driving life as sat-navs. If you don’t already have one, perhaps you should think about it.


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