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Gadgets for Summer living

Gadgets for Summer living

Sit outside with a drink on a warm summer evening? Don’t mind if I do, but I do mind being eaten alive by mosquitoes! This year I am installing a Bug Zapper Light Bulb. The bulb provides two different modes that can be chosen with the wall switch: Anti-mozzie or light plus anti-mozzie. The bulb’s 360-degree LED blue-violet light band emits a wavelength of 365-420nm, which attracts mosquitoes. It’s safe for human’s though, as there is no radiation, it’s non-toxic and chemical-free.

It’s always good to have something to sit on when out and about over the summer. Whether you are going camping or for a walk on the beach a blanket is a useful item. Unfortunately, they can be a bit bulky. Enter the Pocket Blanket, available from good camping shops. Made of water repellent, puncture resistant, lightweight nylon, they fold into a 3 x 2-inch (7.5 x 5 cm) pouch. It fits two people lying down or four people sitting, and its weighted corners will help to keep it from blowing around.

It’s irritating when one party member disappears, and you have little or no phone reception to let them know you’re waiting. Try an off-grid communication device like Gotoky. It’s like a tiny modern-day walkie-talkie which connects to your phone with Bluetooth, has a range of 4 miles and lets you contact other people who have downloaded the app, bypassing the need for mobile coverage. With two per pack you can text or even share grid locations. As a bonus communications are end-to-end encrypted!



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