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Get motivated – Get fit

Get motivated – Get fit

Reinvigorate your fitness routine.

It’s several weeks since my New Year resolution to lose weight and get fit. It’s cold and damp outside. The gym is miles away, and there’s a TV program on about a knitting group in Nicaragua that looks interesting, and this sofa is ever so comfortable.

My self-motivation tank is empty!

Does your determination and energy to get fit after New Year’s Day seems to run out sooner each year? Do you need to get fit? Do you need to lose weight? Do you know you’ll feel better if you do? It’s so much easier to fall back into old habits than to actively make a difference to our health isn’t it? So how do we stay motivated?

Motivation is all in the mind.

There is no physical difference between those who get fit and those who get fat. The fit people are just those who manage to leave the house and move their bodies. Clearly, we need to help our mind overcome the inertia currently preventing us moving from the couch.

Fitness motivation

Get up, get dressed, get out.

It sounds simple but getting out of the door is the biggest hurdle. If you can force yourself to go through the motions of getting into your exercise kit, walking to the door and out of the house you’re 90% of the way towards actually exercising. If you’re standing outside dressed for exercise it’s harder to change your mind and sneak back inside for another slice of cake.

Set an alarm to tell you when it’s time for your exercise class, run, etc. Make sure you’ve got workout gear that makes you feel good. Something stylish, comfortable, colourful, or high-tech; it doesn’t matter, use whatever works for you. Make the getting dressed part something to look forward to. Baggy, stained, holey jogging bottoms will put you off the idea of stepping outside. Then just grab your keys, open the door and step outside.

Start slowly.

It’s important to pace yourself. Just because your neighbour can sprint 5 km in 20 minutes doesn’t mean that you have to. Whatever exercise you are doing find a pace that is comfortable while still pushing you. As you exercise more you will gradually increase your exertion. Push yourself too hard at the beginning and exercise will seem exhausting, painful and make it harder to get going the next time. Once you begin to see your performance improving, you’ll get excited about beating your personal best and want to prove to yourself just how good you are.

Set a short-term goal.

The ultimate goal might be to fit into a size 10 dress, or have a perfect six pack with matching biceps, but realistically that’s probably more than a few months away. Pick a goal that you can achieve within the next two months. Dropping one dress size, being able to run non-stop for 1 km, being able to do a proper pull-up. Achieving goals is as important as setting them when trying to keep your motivation high. Small successful steps build one on the other until all of a sudden, your ultimate goal is just within reach.

Keep on keeping on. Don’t over-think it, just do it.


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