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Local Grassroots Football Awards winner

Local Grassroots Football Awards winner

This year Chadderton Park Sports Club were among 4,906 nominations in the Grassroots Football Awards run by the FA and Mcdonalds and won Grassroots Club of the Year.

The awards celebrate the people and clubs who make grassroots football happen week-in week-out. From supporters, referees, coaches or volunteers, the winners are those whose actions and behaviour make The FA’s PRIDE values part of the game for their clubs, leagues and communities.

Out of 22,500 clubs, Chadderton Park Sports Club were put forward and won Club of the Year for their inclusivity in sports.

Chadderton Park doesn’t just pride themselves on inclusivity; it defines the club’s entire ethos. They hold no trials, welcome players who have been told they aren’t good enough elsewhere and believe fun must come before the desire to win. That explains why they have now grown to over 90 different teams, covering children, seniors, disability squads and cerebral palsy initiatives.

A sports club club is more than the name suggests – it can be the heart of a community. Through charity drives, links to local schools and an inherently positive playing environment, Chadderton Park can be truly proud of making a difference.

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