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National Smile Month – May 13th – June 13th

National Smile Month – May 13th – June 13th

National Smile Month is the largest and longest-running campaign to promote good oral health.

Between 13th  May and 13th  June 2019, National Smile Month will promote positive messages and to engage people with maintaining a healthy mouth.

For the best oral hygiene:

Brush your teeth – At least two minutes twice a day using fluoride toothpaste. Make sure you clean your teeth before bed, as your mouth doesn’t have the same salivary protection during the night as it does during the day.

Floss – Each tooth has five sides; a toothbrush only cleans three sides. The other two sides are where most decay and foul odours originate. To clean between the teeth requires dental floss or tiny inter-dental brushes.

Clean your tongue – This is an important part of oral hygiene and works wonders with stale, smelly breath. You can use a tongue scraper or a toothbrush

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Give up smoking – Smoking dries the mouth, depleting the protective saliva. It also exposes your gums, soft palate and tongue to harmful and cancer-causing toxins, and it makes your breath smell.

Use a mouthwash – This freshens breath and coats the teeth with a protective layer, helping to prevent plaque build-up. Avoid those which contain alcohol though.

Cut out sugary foods and drinks – Sugary snacks feeds the bacteria in your mouth which ultimately break down your enamel and cause decay.

Visit your dentist regularly!


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