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Oldham Salon swaps scissors for spoons

Oldham Salon swaps scissors for spoons

Local hair salon, The Hair Lounge decided they wanted to spread some Christmas cheer and give something back to their local community in December of last year.

Karen Hill, Director said that she said that “the idea came about when my colleagues and I realised just how many people wanted to help the homeless around this time of year.” “So many people live off sandwiches alone, if they are lucky and so we all decided to revel in the challenge and didn’t do it be half! The street team we went out with said that they have never done something on such a grand scale before.

In December, when she wasn’t running her busy high street salon, Karen and her team with the help of local donations, made 130 Christmas dinners, 200 sandwiches and 200 chocolate brownies. Her 4 year- old son even rolled up his sleeves to join in the festive fun.

It emerged that some people had not eaten a hot dinner for as long as four days, which can be the norm for homeless people. She added that some people came along just because they are lonely, which made her think about doing something for such groups on her next mission. Watch this space!!!


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