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Protect your skin. Summer sunscreen tips.

Protect your skin. Summer sunscreen tips.

A little sunshine as we get, make sure you stay safe this summer and make sure you protect your skin with sunscreen.

Don’t skimp – You need to apply a shot glass-sized amount of suntan lotion in the morning, then reapply every couple of hours. Skimping means you aren’t protected! 

High is not necessarily best – It’s better to reapply factor 30 every couple of hours than to apply factor 70 once. 

Choose Broad Spectrum – These sunscreens provide the maximum protection against the widest range of UV wavelengths. 

Don’t forget – the eyes, the tip of the nose, the tops of the feet, the lips, and near the hairline and scalp. These are the places people most commonly suffer sun-burn. 

Sunscreen and lotions

Apply even if you’re not at the beach – Incidental sun exposure from walking down the street, driving with the windows open and sitting in front of a window, account for most of our exposure to UV throughout our lives. Apply suntan lotion wherever you are!

Reapply – Even water-resistant sunscreen needs regular reapplication.

If it’s expired throw it out – Expired sunscreen breaks down and is less effective.

Use a high SPF moisturiser – Every day, even in the winter! It really is the best thing you can do to protect your skin daily.


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