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The Big Draw – October 1st-31st

The Big Draw – October 1st-31st

October is the official month of the worldwide project The Big Draw, which promotes the benefits of drawing for children and adults.

I enjoyed art at school but like many kids I stopped drawing when I realised I’d never be ‘good’. Turns out you don’t need to be. The beauty of drawing is that you get all the benefits even if you make the average toddler look like Da Vinci.

Drawing develops fine motor skills – Drawing provides immediate visual feedback that changes depending on the type of pencil, pen or crayon used and how its manipulated. This feedback helps to identify the best ways to produce the desired result. Fine motor skills are important for writing and typing in school, but are also great for adults with arthritis or mobility issues.

Drawing improves hand-eye coordination – If you’re trying to reproduce what you see then you are exercising hand-eye co-ordination. This helps with writing but also in sport!

Drawing helps you see – By drawing objects in proximity to each other we learn about distance, size, perspective, and texture. It makes us really look at the world in ways we may never have done so before.


Drawing aids concentration – Studying an object, focussing on form and detail takes time. If we’re enjoying that process it aids concentration. This is helpful for both children in school, but also older people, particularly in early stage dementia.

Drawing improves problem-solving – How do you connect body parts, convey distance or size, represent emotion or texture? These are all creative problems to be solved.

Drawing boosts confidence – If you practice, you improve and feel good, whether you’re an adult or a child, that’s a confidence boost you can take into other areas of your life.

Drawing is a great activity and beneficial for any age group or ability level. Look out for local activities related to The Big Draw.

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