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The parents’ evening survival guide

The parents’ evening survival guide

Top five tips for a successful meeting.

Talk to your child – Children are often apprehensive about parents’ evenings. Even a quiet, well-behaved child may worry a teacher will complain about them. Ask your child if they have any issues with their lessons or with classmates. Make them understand that the meeting is held for their benefit. Let them know you’re on their side and that you’ll help sort things out.

Prepare – Write down important questions. You have a limited time with teachers. A list of questions prevents you from missing important points in the discussion.

Discuss any problems – Share insights about your child in the meeting. Let the teacher know if they are upset about things like a grandparent being poorly, or their dog dying. These insights may help a teacher understand why your child might be acting differently and let them know they need to be more sensitive.

Listen to the teacher – They spend hours observing your child. Be aware that your child may behave differently in a school environment. If the teacher points out any negative qualities in your child don’t lose your temper. Take the suggestions on board for consideration and rebook another longer meeting for another day if you feel the situation merits it.

Be on time – There will be other parents scheduled after you so make sure you are punctual; it will help with the general flow of the evening and you’ll have more time to talk.


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